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​Since 1994

​Since 1994

Hydraulic engineering works:
• Construction of hydraulic engineering structures,
• Dredging and bank protection,
• Beach nourishment, creation of dams.

Diving works:
• Underwater welding,
• Underwater concreting,
• Underwater ship repair,
• Inspection of moorings.

Harbor clearance of sunken objects


• Towage and transportation of cargo by water.

SHIP AGENCY SERVICE for vessels with length up to 20 meters:

  • Vessel navigation permission in the Kaliningrad sea port,
  • Ships arrival & departure clearence,
  • Applications for Port State Control Inspection,
  • Payment of port duties.

Vessels and building machinery TO RENT

About the Company

You don’t know where to find a performer of hydraulic engineering works, do you?


Have you faced a task connected with diving works?

Do you need service of divers in area of underwater engineering communications?

Diving firm "Kattegat" was founded in 1994. The Company carries out: diving works of any complexity - underwater welding, underwater concreting, underwater ship repair, inspection of moorings, harbor clearance of sunken objects, ship raising, hydraulic engineering works – dredging and bank protection, artificial territories construction by alluviation, creation of dikes and dams, development of trenches in water areas, immersion of piles and rabbets. The Company provides agency services for vessels up to 20 meters long to enable navigation, ship arrivals and departures.

Tel.: +7-4012-611-342


years of successful performance in hydraulic engineering
area and diving works


executed hydraulic engineering works with
positive result

Property of "Kattegat"

Our company possesses facilities, resources and all possibilities for performance of diving and hydraulic engineering works.

Equipment and machines:

- Tow boat "Krepysh-1", N-480 h.p., L-20,45 m, B-6,45 m, draught 1,8
- Diving boat "Kalmar"
- Dredger, productivity 1600 cubic meter of pulp per hour
- Backhoe dredger, bucket 1 cubic meter, dredging depth 10 m
- Trench digger on the basis of suction dredger GRAU 400/40
- Flat top barge "Barzha-33", carrying capacity 1000 t, L-66,27 m, B-14,26 m, draught 1,56 m. "Barzha-33" has permission to be used as crane vessel  with crane DEK-63
- Pontoon "PM-61М" with the crane of carrying capacity of 25 t, L-36 m, B-8,19 m, draught 0,8 m
- Pontoon, carrying capacity 20 t, L-8 m, B-6 m, draught 0,2 m
- Crane MGK-25Br
- Crawler excavator Liebherr R921 LC
- Bulldozer DT-75
- Bulldozer DT-130
All vessel are adapted for self-sufficient operation on rivers, lakes and shallow water, as well as in the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea.

"Kattegat" has a diving base with the land area of 3,3 hectares. The base is situated on the coast of the Kaliningrad maritime canal near settlement Vzmorie and has a 60-meter long guay. The quay is equipped with the crane for loading and offloading works. On the territory of the base there are 2 concreted platforms for accommodation of machines, equipment and materials, structures: an office building, a warehouse, shop of metal structure assembly, shop of concrete works. 

Tel./Fax: 8 (4012) 611-342

Do you want to buy a boathouse along Kaliningrad maritime canal near to our diving base?

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Our basic customers

Our basic customers are FGUP "Rosmorport", LLC "Spetcmost", LLC "Baltic Stevedoring Company",

Ship-building enterprise "Pregol", fishery and ship owning companies.


ul. Pravaya Naberezhnaya, 2, 

Kaliningrad, Kaliningradskaya obl.,
236006, Russia

Tel.: +7 (4012) 611-342 


ul. Pravaya Naberezhnaya, 2, 

Kaliningrad, Kaliningradskaya obl.,
236006, Russia

Tel.: +7 (4012) 611-342 

Are there any questions left? Call:

+7 (4012) 611-342

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